My Opinion on the Podcast “Serial”

Many will argue that all the evidence in the Serial podcast points towards Adnan Syed being guilty, I will argue differently.

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Adnan Syed the 17 year old murder. Or so we thought.


The Crime

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I believe that Adnan is innocent despite all the “evidence” on the surface, pointing towards Adnan’s guilt. The Nisha call, Jay’s alibi and testimony, Cell tower Maps and the AT&T Fax Cover Sheet, all of the above outline something fishy about this whole case. As Sarah Koenig says in Episode 1, “It’s like a Shakespearian play” one lover lashing out at the other in revenge. The whole case to me feels like a large piece of drama, similar to a reality TV-show, friend betrayal someone else is in on it, a hit man and Adnan the calm and collected serial killer.

Sources credible in the field of murder trials hold the opinion that the case presents itself strangely.  Jim Trainum, former Homicide detective, after being asked if Adnan’s case was unremarkable and if we would we find similar holes and inconstancies, gave an interesting reply, “No.  Yeah sure most cases have some ambiguity, but overall they’re fairly clear. This one is a mess.”  Lawyers and a forensic psychologist agreed the case was messy.  I strongly agree with them.  Jay’s alibi barely matches up with that of the call logs and has inconsistencies.  It also seems too well thought out.  Adnan’s master plan all fit together perfectly except for the fact that he had no alibi, so it seems fake.  Why give Jay his car and cell phone, then ask Hae for a ride and strangle her to death, but have no alibi.  If this murder was so well thought out, was Adnan really that stupid to not have an alibi?

Adnan Himself

Adnan as a person also piques my interest.  He is confident and wants to do everything to get his name cleared.  His peers say they could never imagine him committing murder.  Adnan shows his confidence many times and even says, “There’s nothing that I’m afraid of.”  He is a logical person and knows people will say, “How convenient, he only remembers the things that help him; anything bad he forgets.”  Adnan understands how this looks and it could go against his innocence, but he can only remember what he remembers.  Adnan, in an attempt to provide evidence to his innocence, agreed to a DNA test of the materials found on Hae’s body: material under fingernails, hair and skin samples.  Is this false confidence or is this something more like a desperate attempt to show his innocence after losing hope years before?  The Lawyers from the University of Virginia’s Law School Innocence Project Clinic who proposed the idea unearthed possible murder suspects, one being Ronald who was released on January 1, 1999, just 13 days before the murder of Hae.  Ronald, a suspect, has committed other crimes including burglary and rape.  One of his victims was Analyse Lee and he was convicted due to a DNA match.  Analyse was Korean like Hae and was also strangled to death. Coincidence?


A Glimmer of Hope

Image result for Adnan syed granted new trialabc2 news and the new trial of Adnan Syed

For the reasons of lack of evidence and the downright misruling of the court, I believe that Adnan is innocent.  A new trial for him took place and his guilty status was vacated. While Adnan is not formally declared innocent, this is a huge step to determining that he is an innocent man. The exposure of Serial will continue to help Adnan and his family reach the conclusion that they deserve.






The Serial Podcast

The murder of a young High school student? Broken up with boyfriend responsible? Guilty or innocent?


Serial Season 1


Being the mystery movie enthusiast that I am there is no surprise that I loved the Serial podcast, narrated beautifully by Sarah Koenig. Filled with different plot twists friend betrayals and surprising turns of events. Sarah kept an informal tone and always had expression in her voice, giving the reader a sense of being there and witnessing the crime for their self. The reason that I loved this podcast the most was because of the unexpectedness that Serial has to offer, the different sounds and the audio tidbits that are put in the podcast from trials and witness statements.

Though this podcast is beautifully written and amazing to hear it can often be difficult to follow and while listening certain details can either be overlooked or missed. Right at the start, the audio forces you to listen closely, “Pre-paid call from Adnan Syed from a Maryland correctional facility” the music in the background made it almost impossible to hear the first few words. The benefits of audio are to enhance the text and give this mysterious case a mysterious feeling, we also get to hear the different voices of characters in the story. Although audio has many benefits, due to the difficult listening I would prefer to read Serial over the podcast form. Reading allows the reader to easily skim back over words and doesn’t require them to spend a ten minutes trying to find the right part of a 53 minute podcast. Reading can take away from the realness of the situation and the supposed interpretation of the text, but it can also enhance it, giving the reader to develop their own interpretation of the words on the page.

The discussion opens with intriguing information on the challenge of memory, “Can you remember exactly what you did on a day six weeks ago?” After interviewing her nephew and some of his friends and random teenagers of the street, Sarah found that unless something significant happened on that day they would just give general information or wouldn’t even remember at all. If this was me I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what I did on Friday June 9th, six weeks ago as I write this post, I most likely would have been studying for exams or hanging out with my friends (Goes to show that Sarah isn’t lying). When the podcast opens with this information it really is just screaming that it is going to have something to do with memory, perhaps a character forgets their lovers birthday and gets murdered (hence “Serial” killer).

I often wonder about the family of Adnan Syed, how would they feel about the popularity of the Serial Podcast? Would they feel grateful or scared? I think that they would feel grateful that people were willing to listen to Adnan’s story, following season after season. I think they want the exposure after all Adnan was given a new trial after further investigation. In the end the public voice won over the government and Adnan was given another trial.

Keep up with the podcast to know more!

Best of luck Adnan!

I hope we can trust you!

The Girl Who was Saturday Night

girl who was sat nightBook cover: The Girl Who was Saturday Night

Did someone say sex and getting drunk?

This story follows two young reckless twins, Nouschka and Nicolas Tremblay, teenagers of a deceased Quebecois folk singer, they were once simply puppets that their father could use to boost his fame. Now they are expected to follow in his footsteps and be famous and they are supposed to have a talent for singing. Despite both their fathers achievements and their own celebrity, they are poor as can be and live in a run down apartment with their Grandfather Lou Lou. Throughout this beautifully crafted story you will experience the free-willed nature of the main characters, the struggle of torn sibling relationships and the journey to find love.

Character Comparison

Nicolas -> The Jester: He is always crafting tales and jokes. Also, behind that silly mask of stupidity and sharp remarks is one of profound knowledge, masked by the looser-like attitude. Although Nicolas may not seem it, he has a scary and serious side to him

Loulou -> The Mentor: The grandfather of Nouschka and Nicolas, although he suffers from terrible bowel movement problems and refuses to wear pants. Loulou fits the profile, slightly crazy and quite old, he will throw in occasional remarks “I never wanted to vote yes, just because the whole building did” (Heather O’Neill).

Raphaël -> The Hero: Raphaël, the much awaited love interest of Nouschka, hopefully the hero we have all been waiting for, so far he is doing a great job at saving our “damsel in distress”, this arguably could be Raphaël, Nouschka could be his life away from crime his savior. But, I think that Nouschka was the one searching


Archetypal Symbols

Cats-> The cats symbolize darkness (being nocturnal) and rebirth(nine lives), because cats flock to Nouschka like a moth to a lamp, we can easily associate her attraction to darkness with her nightlife. In regard to her night life, “like a naked girl heading to the bathroom after she’s had sex in an unfamiliar apartment,” (O’Neill 34 ). Nouschka is talking about a cat she sees wandering through her apartement, perhaps she has had relatable experiences.  Or you could attribute all this to a cat-nip plant beside her window and Nouschka isn’t so mysterious and magical like we thought.

Anyway, from bar-hopping to picking up random men, even the same one several times (here for you Misha). The cats are a part of her everyday life and she accepts them, she could silently be crying out that she is surrounded by darkness and she is unhappy. Cats symbolizing re-birth and her being attracted to them can mean that Nouschka longs for re-birth, she never wished to be used as a tool for her fathers fame. She may have wanted to live a normal life away from the camera ,much like other child stars of today, cough*(The Suite life of Zack and Cody). “Did you know that Nicolas and I met our mother for the first time last month?” (156). Nouschka is talking to Raphaël, she is looking for her re-birth, hopefully her mother would accept her but, no such luck. This can be seen as her attempt for re-birth.

zack and cody.jpgZack and Cody child stars

The Journey

Based on the Journey Archetype, I might expect Nouschka to find love, that seems to be a common theme. The conflict will most likely be involving her brother and her relationship.  If her brother didn’t like her lover, he may go all Rambo and beat them up. But, surprise! She is with Raphaël good luck trying to beat him up Nicolas!  I think that she is desperately searching for the love her father never gave her. I just hope that Nouschka will be happy in the end and find love. By what Raphaël has said so far, “But you don’t have to worry about how the rest of the world sees you. You just have to think about how it is that I think about you.” (157). Judging from what Raphaël has told us I think that he will treat Nouschka kindly despite his background, considering he has liked her from the third grade and even sent her a valentine. The question is, will their relationship last?


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Should grade 12 University level English be a requirement for entry into all university programs?

Little girl reading
Little girl reading. From: ParentMap

Kids today grunt and groan about having to take English, with reading and writing, but, this is the one class that will serve them best throughout their university degree.

I believe that grade 12 University level English should be a requirement for entry into all university programs. University students are required to communicate both verbally and in written forms with professors and peers. Students have to be able to read and understand complicated and scientific notes/philosophical notes for research and for papers.

Courses require in-depth knowledge about grammar, punctuation and the ability to get your opinion across. In order to do well in university and succeed students need to be able to hand in written assignments.Without grade 12 English, University students would crash and burn. The question is, would students would crash and, burn or crash and burn. I wouldn’t know because I haven’t taken grade 12 English before!

Everyone taking grade 12 English as requirement puts students on equal footing by setting a standard across the board. This gives professors the ability to mark all students in the same manner and assure that students are able to hand in work that is legible, and gets their point across effectively, all while keeping a formal tone.

Not having gr 12 English can cost you in the end, university costs thousands of dollars per year. Not having grade 12 English essentially means you are throwing your money away. The students that have taken it, on the same assignment will receive more marks in the grammar, punctuation and formatting sections.

In the long run, it affects their earning potential and job opportunities. If one person hands in a resume that is poorly written and one person hands in a well punctuated and put together resume. What chance do you think the poorly written resume has over the well written one? Let me know in the comment section below!

Make sure that friends and Family take gr 12 English seriously, to make sure that they don’t end up like the people who made this sign!

Funny SIgn
Grade 12 English not required!