The Serial Podcast

The murder of a young High school student? Broken up with boyfriend responsible? Guilty or innocent?


Serial Season 1


Being the mystery movie enthusiast that I am there is no surprise that I loved the Serial podcast, narrated beautifully by Sarah Koenig. Filled with different plot twists friend betrayals and surprising turns of events. Sarah kept an informal tone and always had expression in her voice, giving the reader a sense of being there and witnessing the crime for their self. The reason that I loved this podcast the most was because of the unexpectedness that Serial has to offer, the different sounds and the audio tidbits that are put in the podcast from trials and witness statements.

Though this podcast is beautifully written and amazing to hear it can often be difficult to follow and while listening certain details can either be overlooked or missed. Right at the start, the audio forces you to listen closely, “Pre-paid call from Adnan Syed from a Maryland correctional facility” the music in the background made it almost impossible to hear the first few words. The benefits of audio are to enhance the text and give this mysterious case a mysterious feeling, we also get to hear the different voices of characters in the story. Although audio has many benefits, due to the difficult listening I would prefer to read Serial over the podcast form. Reading allows the reader to easily skim back over words and doesn’t require them to spend a ten minutes trying to find the right part of a 53 minute podcast. Reading can take away from the realness of the situation and the supposed interpretation of the text, but it can also enhance it, giving the reader to develop their own interpretation of the words on the page.

The discussion opens with intriguing information on the challenge of memory, “Can you remember exactly what you did on a day six weeks ago?” After interviewing her nephew and some of his friends and random teenagers of the street, Sarah found that unless something significant happened on that day they would just give general information or wouldn’t even remember at all. If this was me I wouldn’t even be able to tell you what I did on Friday June 9th, six weeks ago as I write this post, I most likely would have been studying for exams or hanging out with my friends (Goes to show that Sarah isn’t lying). When the podcast opens with this information it really is just screaming that it is going to have something to do with memory, perhaps a character forgets their lovers birthday and gets murdered (hence “Serial” killer).

I often wonder about the family of Adnan Syed, how would they feel about the popularity of the Serial Podcast? Would they feel grateful or scared? I think that they would feel grateful that people were willing to listen to Adnan’s story, following season after season. I think they want the exposure after all Adnan was given a new trial after further investigation. In the end the public voice won over the government and Adnan was given another trial.

Keep up with the podcast to know more!

Best of luck Adnan!

I hope we can trust you!


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